8 Kommentare zu „Abenteuer in Ostafrika – Masai“

    1. Awesome work !!!!
      As Igor i’m hoping for a tutorial for all the Masai range.
      It’s possible have a in advance the palette that you use for the Masai’s skin, please ?


  1. Thank you! …there will be a tutorial in the near future. For the basic skin tone I have used Chocolate Brown (Vallejo Model Color) with a small amount of Red Leather (Vallejo Model Color), than a wash with Devlan Mud (Games Workshop). For the highlights I have added some Stone Grey (Vallejo Model Color) and Dark Sand (Vallejo Model Color) to the basic colour.


  2. Excellent painting!!! Do you paint and base on commission? I would love to buy some of these Masai to complete my 28mm Masai war band….Cheers K (Belgium)


  3. Well, it was worth trying….You really did a great job painting those Masai, the pride of a collection….Keep painting like that! Cheers K


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